In 1929, Herbert Hoover would be inaugurated as the thirty-first President of the United States.

A few months later the stock market would crash, signaling the beginning of the Great Depression.

And in a remote area in the Pacific Northwest, a young couple driving home on a lonely road

would seemingly disappear without a trace. It was a mystery that would haunt friends and family for over seventy years, and their disappearance would launch investigations, rumors, and wild speculation. 

What happened to that young couple?

This documentary explores not only what happened  to Russell and Blanch Warren, but also

how their disappearance would affect family, friends, and total strangers.

This film details the events of the Warren’s vanishing, and explores the history of Lake Crescent and the Olympic Peninsula. Descend with a dive team into Lake Crescent as they look

for clues to solve this tragic story of love and loss.

'The Warrens A Lake Crescent Mystery'




Full length documentary shot by DCS Films

Lead Coordinator, Diver, and retired National Park Service Professional Dan Pontbriand has an exciting book out on the Warren story!

'Diving a Larson AFB Titan I Missile Complex'

A DocuMini shot by DCS Films

Coined by George Orwell in his essay “You and the Atomic Bomb,” Cold War was a term that describes hostilities between the USSR and the United States and its western European allies, between 1947 and the official dissolve of the USSR in 1991. During this time, a massive plan was underway; to develop a modus operandi for the Titan I Weapon System. The idea was to build an underground complex, a small city really, for staff to live and work in. In the unfortunate event of a nuclear threat, this subterranean complex would serve as a central zone to launch our missiles in a pre-emptive strike or counter attack.

Join DCS Films and the Maritime Documentation Society as they embark on an underwater expedition in one of the northwest’s many hidden flooded bases, and reflect on our country’s ingenious innovation driven by suspicion and distrust during this frantic era.

The Search for the Antlers Hotel is an exciting documentary chronicling the 10 year quest of Dan Warter and the DCS Films team to find and dive the illustrious Antlers Hotel of Lake Cushman, Washington. Along the way he meets a local historian of the Antlers as well as a father & son team that have obsessively focused nearly their entire lives on finding and somehow getting a glimpse of this lost treasure.

Follow DCS Films and the documented search for this lost and sunken relic of the Pacific Northwest's past. Shot over a decade, this film explores the dramatic, thrilling, frustrating yet exhilarating moments leading to the eventual discovery of the remains of the Antlers Hotel 160 feet below Lake Cushman's surface.

Watch as the team methodically investigates, theorizes, and ultimately writes the last chapter to the history of the once grandiose Antlers Hotel.


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