Seiner Trawler

(Fishing Vessel)

Since Jim Gibbs wrote some of his books in the mid 1900’s, it has been believed that the SS Coasters location was pinpointed. The wreck known to many as the Coaster, for years has been dived countless times by many groups of technical divers. Despite compelling traits that this could be the Coaster, DCS Films and the Maritime Documentation Society are of the opinion that this wreck is in fact NOT the SS Coaster. Our reasons are as follows.

  1. 1.On this wreck there was a fire on board. A fire so hot it reached at least 900 degrees fahrenheit, enough heat to melt glass out of a porthole. There were no reports of any fire on the Coaster by rescued crew members or crew of the North Coast.

  2. 2.On the Coaster there are as far as we can see no portholes. There are however, two round cutouts towards the stern which may be portholes. We found on this wreckage 4 portholes, and there may be more.

  3. 3.The length of the Coaster measured 94 feet. The measurements we took came to 59 feet. There have been reports of more wreckage nearby so that could add to the overall length. Although we have found an anchor near what should be the bow.

  4. 4.In the wreckage we have also found wiring and electronics which was not around when the Coaster went down.

  5. 5.We found hose clamps and PVC piping in the wreckage, and after some research, discovered they were made after the Coaster sank. (PVC piping was introduced to the US in the 50’s.)

  6. 6.There is a scallop rake in the wreckage, and that could mean it was snagged on the wreckage from another ship (although no cut line is attached) or it was a part of this fishing ship.

  7. 7.The double winch is commonly used on fishing vessels to haul in the nets.

  8. 8.According to the Master of the North Coast they slowed and stopped (because of heavy fog) several miles south of the point and at 10:58 started up again. At 11:04 the lookout reported a whistle, at 11:05 the North Coast went full astern. He then saw the Coasters port side at a very close distance. It is impossible that the North Coast could have made the distance to Point No Point in six minutes.

  9. 9.The survivors were also picked up south of Point No Point.

  10. 10. Crew testimony and newspaper reports recorded the depth the Coaster sank in approximately 300 feet of water; this wreck is in far shallower water.

  11. 11. It is of the opinion of our team and the first to ever record images of the wreck (Kent Bernard & Gary Severson) that this in fact may NOT be the Coaster.

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