ROV Challenge

Bainbridge High School

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ROV Challenge Program

    In 2006 UAS, working in partnership with the Naval Undersea Museum Foundation and Bainbridge Island High School, began a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) science project.  The pilot program was to have originally involved 16 students but rapidly grew to involve the Marine Sciences and AP Physics classes.  Overall a total of 110 students participated in the program the first year.

    Students, working in small teams, were tasked with the design, build, testing and operation of ROVs for actual use in shallow waters to accomplish specific tasks and goals.  This program clearly demonstrates the scientific principles that the students have been learning during their normal course of studies.

    Lockheed Martin joined in the partnership for the pilot program and provided engineers and technicians to assist teachers in class.

    The results of the initial program were exceptional and far exceeded expectations, resulting in expansion of the program at Bainbridge High School and introduction of the program to North Kitsap High School.  The program also attracted new partners - Naval Sea System Command at Keyport and Raytheon have joined to help further develop and expand this educational opportunity.

    During the class sessions for 2007 over 204 students participated in the program and the program is expected to double again in size for 2008 with the addition of more classes at North Kitsap and Bainbridge High Schools, as well as the additional of Kingston High School to the program.

    The program has been supported by many UAS and local volunteers that have given generously of their time and talents.  Civilian and Navy divers have provided support for the pool sessions.  Personnel have also been provided to support the program through the Navy's P.E.C.E. (Partners for Excellence in Community Education) program.

    Through this team effort the ROV Challenge Program will continue to develop and become available to more schools and students.


Internship Program

Internships are available at UAS where senior high school and college students can participate in every aspect of large and small scale maritime projects including:

•admiralty law

•marine geology

•geo physics



•history and culture

•high-tech communications

•cutting edge undersea technology

DCS Films has given countless hours to this project and continues to aid in documentation, pool support, and collaborating with local media to keep this amazing, educational, and most of all fun project progressing.

Photos courtesy Underwater Admiralty Sciences

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