Underwater Admiralty Sciences

    DCS Films has for several years worked with an organization called Underwater Admiralty Sciences.

    I got to know Mark Allen first and looked into what he and a gentleman named Robert Mester were doing. I was so impressed I felt I needed to be a part of this team, somehow.

    Whether volunteering for the ROV Challenge at Bainbridge High School, Bainbridge Island, Washington, the ACE Program at the Museum of Flight, or the changing of fish sensors (made to count the number of Salmon that run through the Tacoma Narrows) for the Squaxin Tribe, I have always felt like I was making a difference working with this establishment.

    Later UAS hired me as a videographer on several assignments including a currents study in the Tacoma Narrows, and an underwater topographical study for the Squaxin Tribe.

    Whether more jobs arise or not, and with the continued volunteering DCS Films will do for UAS and their affiliates, I feel secure in the understanding that my knowledge base and friendships will continue to grow.

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