Steele Car Lake Crescent


In 1960 Beverly Sherman and her three friends Dale, Diane “Dee Dee”, and Gary were Driving home  from a friends house in Dale’s 1950 Dodge sedan. Prior to that, Beverly had just returned from a six month stay at school in New York City.

It was a cold January night on the Olympic Peninsulas Hwy 101 on a section that literally hugs the shore of Lake Crescent. With freezing rain coming down, Dale lost control of the car.

The car plunged into the lake and due to the force of the impact, Beverly was thrown into the front seats from the back and struck the windshield with her head.

The car was sinking fast.

At about 13 feet deep Dale tried to keep everyone calm by taking a moment to assess the situation. He told everyone to be still and calm. Beverly, in what she states is the only time she can remember swearing, said, “F@#% that!! I’m getting out of here!!” She proceeded to unroll the window and swam out. The others followed.

Approaching the surface they did a headcount. There was only three, Dee Dee was missing. Dale dived down to see if he could spot her but he couldn’t. He did this about two times before finally seeing Dee Dee back on the surface.

They had all made it, so far.

Dripping wet and freezing, it was about 1 am now, they proceeded to lock arms and walk down the middle of Hwy 101 singing songs in the hope that someone would come by and see them.

Someone finally did.

44 years later after hearing about the Warren case, beverly came forward to tell her story.

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