Steele Car Lake Crescent

First Recovery Dive Of Articles In Trunk As Seen On INSIDE EDITION And EVENING MAGAZINE

Divers: Dan Warter, Carl Stieglitz, Phil Breed, and Randy Williams


There were 3 teams that day. The first  team included a few folks that Beverly recommended, and after making team two and three wait for about 4 hours so they could arrive on site, they were ready to try for the first recovery attempt. Loaded up for a 200 foot dive, two of the guys sported a single tank (no deco) and the third had independent doubles (no deco), oh boy. After their descent (with voiced concerns from team 2 and 3) we learned that one of them had a brand spankin new Poseidon reg. just out of the box, (receipe for trouble). Sure enough about 3 minutes into the dive there was an eruption of bubbles on the surface and both Ken (old tech for Discount Divers) and I simultaneously said, POSEIDON!!! With safety crew at the ready we watched as the three quickly came to the surface. Luckily no one was hurt side from a few wounded egos.

It was finally our teams’ turn for the recovery attempt. Long story short(er) our team had a solid plan and accomplished everything we set out to do. We brought back the suitcase and other various belongings. Team three picked up what we missed and came back with a few good mementos as well.

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